Managing Contractors on a Large Project

Managing Contractors on a Large Project

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Whenever there is a necessity for a large number of contractors to work on a large project, across multiple sites, the need for some form of management tool becomes greater. Having the responsibility of managing a large-scale project, whether in construction, engineering, infrastructure, or large off-shore projects, requires accurate data, versatility and up-to-the-minute information about all assets, contractors and myriad other factors that will determine whether the project is successful or not, and whether it is safe. A project management tool that allows you to manage contractors on a large project will help you to overcome obstacles, meet challenging deadlines and site specific complexities, whilst looking after the health and safety of all involved.

There are examples of this type of efficient and accurate software on the market; software that can be easily integrated into the existing framework of your project operations, enabling you to carefully manage a large project with many different moving parts and visiting contractors working on short and long-term tasks. It provides you with a solid framework from which all information relating to a project and the contractors working on it can flow. This is vital for project managers to be able to meet the practices that meet the industry standard, as well as to ensure that all health and safety legislation is being met with aplomb, and that all regulatory compliance is being met.

All of these factors are of course important, but a project manager in spinning so many different plates at any one time must also be aware of the bottom line of the project. In order to be a success, a project is expected to meet tight deadlines, work within strict budgets and continue to perform efficiently and productively. With software that allows for strict and accurate management of all contractors on a project at any given time, a project manager can work towards all of these aims in a streamlined and effective way that meets all targets.

In terms of managing contractors on a large project there are several concerns. These include the necessity of inductions on site for all contractors. It is of course vital that all contractors are provided with the relevant site specific health and safety information that enables them to perform tasks in a safe and secure manner. However, if a contractor is only going to be on site for a short period of time, of for a small number of tasks, expediency is important. In these situations inductions can be completed online, with all contractors tracked to ensure that a project manager understands who has been given the correct induction prior to being allowed on site.

This stretches to the need for tracking on site and permits to work, with different contractors being supplied with various levels of access depending on permits to work and the tasks they are employed to perform. The management of contractors on any large-scale project is important and with key management software a project manager can keep control of all aspects of a site, the various assets in play and multiple contractors to ensure that everything meets industry practice, health and safety regulations, and project requirements for deadlines and budgets.

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